Customer Spotlight: Darrell Coddington, President of Coddington, Inc.

Darrell Coddington is the President of Coddington, Inc. and has been using Seppi M. BMS 125 excavator mulchers for about 20 years. He first became aware of the attachment line after looking for a way to remove undergrowth around power lines that was more efficient than completing the work manually with chainsaws and bucket trucks. Over the past two decades, his company has used Seppi M. mulching attachments to clear brush around utilities, on right of way areas, and to remove vegetation from local parks.

Seppi M. excavator mulchers greatly increase productivity
"Before using Seppi M. attachments, we had workers removing vegetation using chainsaws and bucket trucks. We could only clear about 300 yards per day. With Seppi M. excavator mulchers, we now clear between a mile and a mile and a half of undergrowth and vegetation every day. On top of that, I was able to cut my crew down from four workers to two workers and keep those two workers more out of harm's way. So, we cover more ground, we save on labor, and I don't have to worry as much about my workers hurting themselves with a chainsaw or slipping down slopes."

Simple and low maintenance
"Seppi M. mulchers are extremely durable. We run three or four machines about 40 to 50 hours per week, year round in the snow, heat, and generally tough conditions, and we rarely have any problems. As far as other mulcher heads on the market are concerned, Seppi M. is number one when it comes to durability and service life. As long as you grease the head and two bearings and keep your belt in good shape, they are essentially maintenance free."

Seppi M. has a great support network
"Seppi M. does a great job supporting their equipment. They are very knowledgeable and very willing to work with contractors. Our dealer goes out of their way to have the parts we need, and most are available next day."

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