WBS dt pick-up

WBS dt pick-up

Mulcher with pick-up device 100-250 HP

  • Strong mulcher with Pick-up rotor and mulching grid. For prunings in almond, citrus and olive plantations. The result is a very fine mulch that will easily decompose.
  • Mulches grass and prunings up to 11 cm [4.3”] Ø
  • Pick-up kit for material feed with grid inclusive rotor
Mulchgerät mit Pick-up-Vorrichtung
mulcher with pick-up device
Mulchgerät mit Pick-up-Vorrichtung
Trinciatrice con dispositivo pick-up
broyeur avec dispositif pick-up
Trituradoras con dispositivo pick-up
Trinciatrice con dispositivo pick-up
Косилка - измельчитель с подборщиком
Trinciatrice con dispositivo pick-up

SEPPI M. Pick-Up mulchers mulch finely, through a fine mulching grid. This results in a fast biodegradation, within one season.
The WBS dt pick-up is a heavy mulcher with fixed hammer-rotor with tungsten carbide inserts for bushes and very strong prunings, suitable for olive, walnut and almond cultivations, orchards and vineyards and stony conditions. This SEPPI machine is fast, it collects and mulches finely 100% of the prunings in one single pass.
The Prunings are lifted from the ground and processed through a screen; therefore no contact between the hammers and ground. The prunings are then processed within a screen to produce a fine and uniform mulch.

WBS dt pick-up casing is very resistent, made of high-tensile steel. Standart is the SEPPI mulcher equiped with the Pick-Up kit for material feed with grid inclusive rotor. The rotor with tungsten carbide fixed hammers is very agresive and resistent. SEPPI WBS dt pick-up mulchs grass, brush and wood
up to 11 cm [4,7”] in diameter.

Rubber gauge wheels protect the roller on uneven and stony ground and if there are stones.

Available working width: 225, 250 cm [89", 98"].

Very strong SEPPI flail mulcher with pick-up system for a very fine mulch in orchards: The WBS dt pick-up is a heavy mulcher for bushes and very strong prunings. The pick-up system collects piled up prunings from the soil and produces a very fine mulch that will quickly decompose.


  • Citrus cultivations
  • Olive plantations
  • Almond and walnut cultivations
  • Mulches grass and prunings up to 11 cm [4.3”] Ø
  • Rotor with fixed hammers with tungsten carbide inserts
  • Working speed 1–3 km/h
  • Robust reinforced chassis made of high tensile steel S420
  • ISO 3-point linkage central fixed cat. 2 - rear or front mounted or reverse drive for pushed machines
  • Double pick-up rotor for collecting brush wood including pressure gauge
  • Pick-Up Rotor driven by tractor hydraulics - Required hydraulic flow: 30-40 l/min [8-10 gpm]
  • Gearbox 1000 rpm con freewheel
  • Input shaft 1 3/4” Z=6
  • Dual side transmission with 2 x 5 belts
  • 2 side divertersto collect the branches
  • Anti-wear mulching grid
  • 5 rows of tempered counter cutters
  • Rear hood with manual opening
  • 2 side support wheels at the rear
  • Colors: red RAL3020 & charcoal RAL7021
  • PTO drive shaft
  • Chevrons

And other options of choice.

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