WBS fh - heavy duty flail mulcher 60 - 130 HP | SEPPI M.

WBS fh

Heavy duty flail mulcher 130-200 HP

  • Heavyweight champion!
  • With hydraulic side shift
    Mulches grass and prunings up to 11 cm [4.3”] Ø
Linear hydraulic side shift 70 cm [28”]
Spostamento lineare idraulico di 70 cm
Linear-hydr. Seitenverschiebung um 70 cm
Déport axial linéaire hydraulique de 70 cm
Desplazamiento lineal hidráulico de 70 cm
Ideal for small scale vegetation management and right-of-way maintenance
Le trinciatrici della linea WBS fh sono utili in agricoltura, gestione ambientale, manutenzione delle strade, pulizie dei pascoli e boschi

To satisfy all your needs without any compromise, go for the WBS mulcher! The WBS mulching mowers are the strongest in the series of SEPPI M. flail mowers. They will do the toughest work in agriculture, especially where mulching particularly resistant material, such as olive and citrus brush. Ideal for small scale vegetation management and right-of-way maintenance, used also in the forestry.

Very strong gear box for middle and high-power tractors, casing made of wear-resistant steel and strong belt protection for high performance jobs.

The WBS fh is with linkage with hydraulic side shift. The mulcher can be side shifted by 2 x 35 cm [2 x 14“] left and right of the central position.

Available working width: 225, 250, 275, 300, 350 cm [89", 98", 108", 118", 138"].

  • Mulches grass and prunings up to 11 cm [4.3”] Ø
  • Standard rotor with SMO flails
  • Working speed 3–10 km/h
  • Reversible cat. 2 ISO 3-point linkage
  • Linear hydraulic side shift 70 cm [28”]
  • 1000 rpm gearbox with freewheel and through shaft
  • Input shaft 1 3/8” Z=6
  • 5 belts
  • Adjustable rear hood with rubber protection
  • Reinforced support roller, adjustable in height by 5 cm [2”]
  • Front protection: chains
  • Colour: red RAL 3020
  • 540 rpm gearbox
  • Additional 3-point linkage
  • Rear hood with rakes
  • Pick-up system

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