Tool Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Mulcher

The effectiveness and productivity of your mulching equipment depends largely on the performance of your tools, also known as hammers or cutting teeth. Replacements can be expensive, so it's crucial to take the necessary steps to properly maintain and extend the life of your attachment's tools. Follow these tips and best practices to ensure optimal performance.

Inspect mulcher tools daily
The first step towards achieving optimal performance is to check the condition of your mulcher's teeth. If you're using carbide or carbide tipped teeth, then no sharpening is necessary. Simply replace the teeth as they wear down. Once a tool is worn through the carbide, it must be replaced. If not, you run the risk of experiencing toolholder and rotor wear. If your mulching head has hardened steel blades, then they must be checked daily and sharpened often to maintain their superior cutting performance. If the blades are reversible, the operator can alternate cutting edges to reduce sharpening frequency.

Never mix old tools with new tools
If you have to replace a damaged or broken hammer, we recommend only using replacement teeth that are already worn and have a similar shape and weight as your existing ones. Combining old and new tools can lead to rotor imbalance, increased wear, and hinder mulcher performance. For this reason, you should keep worn hammer sets on hand to reduce downtime when it's necessary to replace damaged teeth.

Check tightness after impact
After striking a rock or something else that's hard, you should always stop and check the tools for damage and tightness. Also, it's a good idea to inspect the tightness of the hammer bolts every 50 working hours. If loose or not firmly secure, the teeth could cause damage to the rotor and lead to larger, more expensive problems.

Rotor Screws Tightening torque
OPT 228, 141 M16 350 Nm (258 lb ft)
OPT 469 M18 500 Nm (368 lb ft)

Only use Seppi M. replacement tools
When it comes time to switch out worn or damaged tools on your Seppi M. mulcher, you should only use OEM replacements. Seppi M. tools are designed to exactly fit our mulchers, and aftermarket tools can wear out toolholders prematurely. In addition, the use of non OEM parts will invalidate your machine's warranty if resulting damage is detected.

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