Last chance on prices of the previous year

Last chance in the new year: You have until January 31st to order your tools at the price of 2017*.

SMO toolWhen is it time to change the tools? How to change the belts?

While the cold weather is here your mulcher maybe sitting idle. Now could be the time to think about maintenance. SEPPI M. have a few tips for you:



    Change your tools regularly for optimum performance. Usually we recommend to change the hammers when their cutting edge is worn to about one third of its original height. This helps to keep the efficiency up and to protect the holders on the rotor. The best thing about this, is with new tools the mulcher will run smoothly without vibrations.

    TIP: If you encounter single tools that are broken or worn, change them with used tools from an old batch. This will help to keep the balance of your rotor.


    Before you start in the new season, make sure all grease points are well lubricated. Also, Seppi recommend to change the gearbox oil for the first time after 50 hours and then every 500 hours of operation. Your operators manual will give you more detailed information and recommended oil types. If you have any questions your Seppi partners are ready to help!


    Most of SEPPI M. products use belts to drive the rotor. With time, these can become brittle and are unable to transfer all the power to the rotor. To prevent down time we recommend to keep a set of belts ready to go.

    BLUE BELTNEW! Recently, a new generation of belts are now available for many mulchers. These can transfer up to 30% more power than conventional belts. Check with your dealer if these “BLUE” belts are available for your machine.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further information. You Seppi dealer is ready to serve you.

*Refers to EURO price ex works, depending on availability.


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