Weed Brush 

Mows grass between the trunks and grapevine.

Mounted via 2-FAST™ to the mulcher or to the accessory carrier PORT-X™

  • Mows grass between the trunks and grapevine.
  • Cleans the undercanopy and is gentle to the tronk and its bark.
  • Gentle impact without damaging the vine and its bark
Pulisce gli interfilari
Pulisce gli interfilari
Dieses Stammputzgerät säubert den StammXDF spollonatore
Brosse du tronc nettoie aussi le solXDF spollonatore

The SEPPI XDF weed brush with fiber cords with hydraulic quick coupling can be easily mounted by 2-FAST quick coupling system to the mower or to the tractor by PORT-X accessory carrier. The fiber cords of the SEPPI weed brush XDF mows grass between the trunks and grapevine; gentle impact without damaging the vine and its bark. Integrated spool for readjustment of the fiber brush. Adjustable bumper.  Working speed 1–5 km/h.

Flow rate for direct ransmission 40 l/min [10 gpm]


  • Mows grass between the trunks and grapevine
  • High driven speed possible
  • Works clean and causes no damage (sensitive toucher not necessary)
  • Available working width: 70 cm [28"]
  • Hight: 40 cm [16"]
  • Working angle: 15° [12]
  • Weight: 70 kg  [154lb]
  • XDF weed brush with quick coupling for 2-FAST linkage with a mulcher or attachment carrier PORT-X
  • Mows grass between the trunksand grapevine;
  • Working height manual adjustable
  • Working speed 4-6 km/h
  • Adjustable bumper
  • Protective hood against gravel impact
  • Material of the fibre: Fiber cords
Ideal working conditions
  • Working between plants from ca. 2 cm [0.8"] clade diameter
  • Grasses up to 1 cm [0.4"] diameter and 50 cm [20"] height
  • Advised when the barkadvised when the barkshould remain as intact as possible
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