KASTOR hyd - stump grinder for excavator up 10 to 25 t [22,050-55,100 lb] | SEPPI M.


stump grinder for excavators 15 - 30 t 150-350 bar | 100-290 l/min [2175-5076 psi |26.4-76.6 gpm]

  • To fit on a hydraulic excavator arm
  • Grinds stumps any size and as deep as 50 cm [20 inch]!
  • Remove stumps any diameter
Stump grinder for excavators 15 - 30 t
Stump grinder for excavators 15 - 30 t
Fresaceppi per escavatori da 15 a 30 t
Hydraulische Wurzelstockfräse für Bagger 15 - 30 t
Fresadora para excavadoras de 15 a 30 t

Get rid of the stump completely, in a short time!

SEPPI KASTOR hyd grinds the stumps as deep as 50 cm [20”] below the surface and any diameter. Any stump diameter can be eradicated, by swinging the excavator arm from one to the other side. The result is a fine mulch that may be easily incorporated into the soil and mixed with the ground, which fosters a quick decomposition. The stump has been removed completey, the soil is ready for new planting. The Rotor disk is equipped with very aggressive HRC-tooths. The specially developed angle of cut allows an ideal use of power. The Interface for spider excavators, available as an option, also works as a shovel. It helps mixing the ground stump chips into the soil, so to completely cover the whole left by the removed stump.

Rotor disk diameter: 90 cm [35"]; width: 11 cm [4,3"]



  • Grinds stumps to clear streets, parks and other open spaces.
  • Remove stumps from roads, parkings, parks and forests.
  • Forms trenches to lay cables.
  • Grinds stumps as deep as 50 cm [20”] below the surface and forms trenches to lay cables
  • For excavators from 15-30 tons [30-60k lb]
  • Rotor: fixed tungsten tips tooths HRC
  • To fit the attachment plate on a hydraulic excavator arm
  • Prepared for transmission with 2 hydraulic motors of choice
  • Any side shift, moved by excavator arm
  • 2x5 belts
  • Hydraulically operated hood
  • Protection: double chains/ rubber
  • Colours: red RAL3020 & charcoal RAL7021
  • 2 hyd. motors with relief valves, different types of choice
  • Electric valve for hood control with controls
  • Interface plate (for different excavator brands)
  • 190° hydraulic rotation plate

And other options of choice.


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