STARFORST high performance forestry mulcher 180-260 HP | SEPPI M. - SEPPI M. S.p.A.


high performance forestry mulcher 180-300 HP

  • NEW VERSION since 2018!
  • Mulches wood up to 40 cm [16”] Ø
  • New MONO TIP V-LOCK rotor
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The tree shredder STARFORST is a compact and powerful forestry mulcher with an especially aggressive new generation patented rotor with efficient tools of the type MINI DUO with tungsten carbide tips. Innovative 3-point linkage with self-aligning mechanism makes it easy to maneuver. Very strong frame, for a very long life with reinforced frame made of wearresistant steel. High performance with minimum energy consumation thanks to its lightweight construction. This versatile forestry mulcher is suitable for PTO-tractors between 180 and 300 HP.

Strong & reliable for professional vegetation management such as land clearing, right-of-way management, site prep, creation of fire breaks, road side maintenance, pipeline and power transmission maintenance.

STARFORST - The top choice in forestry mulchers is showing itself in a whole new light.  The model, which has been popular for over 10 years, has undergone major changes. The new STARFORST with its new overall working width is perfectly suited to tractors and road traffic. And so the STARFORST is relaunched with working widths of 210, 235 and 260 cm. Every centimetre of the tractor’s width is covered, and the ground is worked uniformly.  But this is just one of the innovations that distinguishes STARFORST. Another novelty is the decision by SEPPI M. to introduce a new rotor shaft with tools with a single tooth in very aggressive carbide. SEPPI M. has named it the MONO TIP V-LOCK. This rotor is even more efficient on large logs and thicker wood. A new system of tools is also being introduced; the V-Lock! The advantages of the new MONO TIP V-LOCK rotor are:

  • Less rotor wear
  • Better balancing
  • Tool change made even easier
  • Optimised connection between tool and holder

In addition to restyling the design and tilting system of the ADAM transmission, already found on the standard version, the forestry machine has been further equipped against wear. Inside the casing there are anti-wear plates in HARDOX® material, which can be substituted. This feature has already been applied to SEPPI M. stone crushers and tillers. In addition, the protection belts with material deflector and tempered steel anti-wear skids offer further protection to the machine.

In this simple, functional and practical design there is now that much more power!

NEW: Overall width adapted to road traffic regulations - for an optimal use of the working width!

NEW available working width: 210, 235, 260 cm [83", 93", 102"].


  • Land clearing in the oil and gas industry
  • Maintaining of power and communication lines
  • Improve arable fields and other land
  • Vegetation management
  • Clearing forests after harvesting wood
  • Right-of-way clearing
  • Mulches wood up to 40 cm [16”] Ø
  • Standard rotor: fixed tungsten carbide tips hammers MINI DUO + EXTREME
  • Bolt-on-rotor shaft
  • Working speed 0 - 5 km/h
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage cat. 3 central articulated
  • 1000 rpm gearbox with freewheel
  • ADAM™ alignment system - Hydraulic tilting of the mulcher with PTO shaft alignment while keeping equal and W-shaped PTO shaft angles
  • Double drive (10 belts)
  • Hydraulically operated hood
  • Skids, adjustable in height by 5 cm [2”], reinforced with plates made of hard metal
  • Front and rear protection: quadruple/ single chains
  • Colour: red RAL 3020
  • PTO drive shaft
  • Fixed knife rotor MONO TIP V-LOCK
  • Mechanical or hydraulic guard frame
  • Hydraulic guard frame with tools
  • Centrifugal clutch for slow start and protection of the PTO shaft

And other options of choice.

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