MIDIFORST dt universal forestry mulcher 120-190 HP | SEPPI M.


universal forestry mulcher 120-240 HP

  • Forestry Mulcher for Land Clearing and Vegetation Management.
  • Mulches wood up to 30 cm [11.8"] Ø
  • New MONO TIP V-LOCK aggressive rotor
Forestry Mulcher for Land Clearing and Vegetation Management.
Forestry Mulcher for Land Clearing and Vegetation Management.
Trincia forestale per la manutenzione dei boschi e spazi verdi
geeignet für Forstwirtschaft; die Pflege von Wäldern und Waldwegen ect.
Broyeur forestier en gestion de la végétation.
Trituradora universal para profesionales para el mantenimiento de los bosques y espacios verdes
Mulches wood up to 30 cm [11.8
Trincia legna fino a 30 cm Ø

The brush shredder MIDIFORST dt is the most classical SEPPI forestry mulcher. Its universality makes it suitable for the most varied uses:

  • In forestry industries for right-of-way management, creation of fire breaks, vegetation management, road side maintenance...
  • In construction for land clearing and site prep...
  • In agriculture for the renewal of orchards,
  • Removal of dead plants trees in gardens
  • ...

This tree shredder/mulcher comes with a two end belt drive. SEPPI MIDIFORST dt mulches wood up to 30 cm [11.8”] Ø. The components of the transmission are protected under a door that may be opened for servicing. The SEPPI MIDIFORST dt mulcher is well protected from dirt, dust, water and strikes. Fixed hammer rotor in standard version with optimized combination of fiexed tools MINI DUO + MONO EXTREME and bolt-on-rotor shaft.

ADAM - Hydraulic tilting of the mulcher by gear tracking with PTO shaft alignment. With the W-shaped angles the range of motion increases and the mulcher can be moved up- and downwards even higher. This angular adjustment protects the PTO shaft and the input shaft even at high loads and supports an ideal adaptation to the conditions of the roads. Advantages: longer service life of PTO and input-shaft, even deeper digging, working with an hydraulic alignment system is easier and faster.

Available working width: 200, 225, 250 cm [79", 89", 98"].

 New: rotor shaft with tools with a single tooth in very aggressive carbide - the MONO TIP V-LOCK. This rotor is even more efficient on large logs and thicker wood.

The advantages of the new MONO TIP V-LOCK rotor are:
- Less rotor wear
- Better balancing
- Tool change made even easier
- Optimised connection between tool and holder

  • Mulches wood up to 30 cm [11.8”] Ø
  • Standard rotor: combination of fixed tungsten carbide hammers MINI DUO + MONO EXTREME; anti-wear hammer support
  • Working speed 0-5 km/h
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage cat. 2 central fixed
  • Robust reinforced chassis
  • 5 rows of tempered COUNTER CUTTERS
  • 1000 rpm gearbox with freewheel & cross shaft
  • Input shaft 1 3/4” Z=6
  • Dual side transmission
  • 10 belts (2x5)
  • Hydraulically operated hood
  • Support skids, adjustable in height
  • Front and rear protection: chains
  • Colors: red RAL3020 & charcoal RAL7021
  • PTO drive shaft
  • Fixed hammer rotor MONO TIP V-LOCK + PROTECT
  • Front attachment
  • Mechanical or hydraulic guard frame
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • ADAM™ Hydraulic tilting of the mulcher with PTO shaft alignment while keeping equal and W-shaped PTO shaft angles

And other options of choice.

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