The latest on orchard floor management

Mechanical processes for the maintenance of orchard and vineyard floors is becoming increasingly important, both in conventional and organic farming, insofar as manual operations require a great amount of work and time. The use of herbicides and pesticides is slowly disappearing, and for some crops is already prohibited. In this sense, the right technology can offer valid alternatives to manual processing, which at the same time can also reduce the need for weeding and pesticides, or even completely eliminate them.

SEPPI M. offers a broad range of products for orchard floor management, with the latest generation of accessories available as of this summer. The latest development in the PORT-X accessory carrier prepares the ground for the new 2-FAST quick coupling system. Depending on seasonal needs, the specifications of the soil and type of crop, the most suitable accessory is selected for the type of work, and connected using the same 2-FAST support onto the PORT-X accessory carrier.

The accessories are hooked to a mechanical suspension on the support arm, locked with a pin and connected to the hydraulic circuit with two quick couplings. In just a few minutes, a rotary mower can be replaced with a cultivator or shoot remover.


The SOFT TOUCH sensitive toucher has been included in the standard version and can be used or excluded by the client themselves at their own discretion. Even the vertical float system and FLEX-SAFE spring release device, which absorbs any impact even at high speed, are now part of the standard supply.

PORT-X accessory carriers equipped with accessories for orchard floor management with 2-FAST technology can reach speeds of up to 8 km/h. This speed is possible for the XDF shoot remover, while using the XSC rotary mower for grass cutting or the XSA cultivator it is possible to work at up to 5 km/h.

These excellent values ensure a distinct increase in performance of the latest generation machines.

In practical terms, this technology can be used on single and double accessory carriers. The single PORT-X model is designed for one accessory only, while the double PORT-X cleans the row on both sides in a single step, with the application of two accessories.

Moreover, SEPPI M has provided for the use of under-canopy maintenance accessories on many of its flail mulchers. In this case, custom solutions are developed for a broad range of applications.

As with all other SEPPI M machines, even the new range of accessories is available with a new charcoal red look.

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