Discover the outstanding performance and versatility of our machines! Many customers are currently using our advanced technology with great success to create and maintain forest roads, forestry trails, right-of-way, agricultural and forestry land.

STARSOIL Stone Crusher/Forestry Mulcher for Tractors 180 - 310 HP

The STARSOIL allows for work on forestry roads, construction sites, and forest paths, utilizing material deposited on the ground to create both temporary and permanent roads, achieving significant energy and cost savings. With its new drive system, the STARSOIL offers more efficient and precise work: it can till the soil to a depth of 40 cm, crush stones up to 30 cm in diameter, and mulch wood up to 60 cm in diameter.

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A special feature of the STARSOIL is its two-speed gearbox - known as the 2-SPEED version. This system, controlled directly from the ISOBUS terminal, allows the tractor operator to regulate rotor speed during work:

the fast gear for surface mulching and the slow gear for deeper work and stone crushing.

Possible applications include: stabilizing soil for road construction, removing old asphalt surfaces and rubble, renewing farmland and other green spaces, cleaning forests after logging, land development, etc.

BMS Forestry Mulcher for Excavators in Action

The BMS Forestry Mulcher is equally impressive and perfect for mulching large vegetative residues to ground level. The M-BOOST hydraulic system with automatic variable motor enables automatic pressure adjustment, dynamically adapting to work requirements. In load situations, torque can be increased by up to 40%. Available working widths for the BMS model are 100, 125, and 150 cm, providing the necessary flexibility for a variety of forestry tasks.

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Both mulchers offer unparalleled performance and reliability in demanding work conditions. With machines like these, materials can be used and reused on-site, reducing transportation to and from construction sites and thereby reducing processing times, fuel consumption, and overall environmental impact.

SEPPI machines, such as the Starsoil and BMS, were selected not only for their specific performance features but also to comply with European regulations requiring reduced environmental impact. In short, SEPPI M.'s professional equipment represents an investment in the future, guaranteeing maximum performance, minimal wear, and maximum durability.

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Invest in the future of your operation with SEPPI and benefit from state-of-the-art technology, outstanding performance, and long-term reliability.

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