MIDIPIERRE - the new generation

Modern agriculture requires reliable and versatile machinery to maximize efficiency and achieve superior results. In this context, the SEPPI MIDIPIERRE stone crusher emerges as a must-have option for agricultural professionals, landscaping contractors and construction companies.

The first prototype of the SEPPI MIDIPIERRE stone crusher saw the light of day back in 1987. Since then, this machine has steadily evolved to the highest level of performance. The MIDIPIERRE clears the ground of stones and pebbles up to 20 cm in diameter and is ideal for working on different types of soil. Thanks to its compact design and sturdiness, it is able to deliver optimal performance even in difficult conditions.

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The rotor of the MIDIPIERRE can penetrate as deep as 12 cm and more, depending on working requirements. In combination with medium-power tractors equipped with creeper gear, this machine finds diverse and versatile applications. These include farmland reclamation, renewal of cultivated fields, land reclamation, soil preparation for replanting, stone crushing on surfaces and roads, and debris removal on construction sites.

The construction of the MIDIPIERRE uses high-quality wear-resistant materials with interchangeable wear plates. The patented new-generation rotor is designed to maximize work efficiency. The SUPER DUO tools, with tungsten carbide inserts ensure high strength and durability

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Available in working widths of 125 and 150 cm, the MIDIPIERRE is particularly suitable for use between rows of trees in orchards and vineyards. For those who need a wider, more powerful and high-performance machine, SEPPI M. offers a wide range of different models, providing the ideal machine for each tractor and specific need up to 500 HP tractor power.

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With the SEPPI MIDIPIERRE Crusher/Tiller, you can be sure of having a reliable and efficient partner to optimize your agricultural, landscaping and construction operations, allowing you to really "make field gains."

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