MULTIFORST - the upgrade is coming!

For PTO tractors, excavators, skid steers or hydraulic tractors!

Discover the versatility of the NEW MULTIFORST - an exceptional mulcher-tiller!

In the world of agriculture, forestry and construction, versatility is the name of the game. That's why we introduce you SEPPI's MULTIFORST, a multi-purpose tiller that successfully handles a wide range of tasks.


The MULTIFORST can crush stones up to 25 cm in diameter and mulch wood up to 40 cm in diameter, making it perfect for above surface cleaning and ground preparation. With a working depth of up to 30 cm and more, this machine adapts to the specific needs of the terrain.


Advanced technology: Equipped with a V-LOCK rotor and ULTRA MONO PROTECT+ fixed tools with carbide inserts, the MULTIFORST offers exceptional performance even in the most difficult conditions.

Operating flexibility: With multiple speeds of the rotor, the NEW MULTIFORST can be adapted easily to the variety of tasks and so guarantee efficiency in fuel consumption, durability of wear components and an exceptional finish of the job.

Robustness and durability: All wear subjected surfaces are protected from interchangeable WEAR PLATES made from tough materials such as AR400. This allows proper easy maintenance for very long service life of the machine.

Easy adjustment of the two speeds: No matter if the standard version or the optional 2SPEED version is being chosen, the machine will provide you the versatility to complete land clearing job with one man, one tractor and one MULTIFORST.


Versatile applications:

  • Agricultural Land Recultivation: Ideal for restoring uncultivated or abandoned land, preparing it for cultivation
  • Improvements of Cultivated Fields: After harvesting, it prepares the soil efficiently for the next cultivation cycle. Crushing present stones in the field will expose valuable minerals and can increase the productivity of fields.
  • Soil Preparation for Replanting: Ensures that the soil is ready for new crops or trees
  • Forest Clean-up after Wood Harvesting: Helps clean up forest debris and prevents pests
  • Stone Crushing in Fields: This will help any farming application and prevent damage on common farm machinery.
  • Creation and Maintenance of Forest Roads: Contributes to the creation of durable forest roads by crushing, recycling and levelling the present material
  • Soil Stabilisation: Thanks to a unique rotor design, a very homogeneous mixing of binding agents with the soil is possible
  • Debris Removal on Construction Sites: Facilitates the efficient clearing of construction sites


In short, the MULTIFORST from SEPPI M. is the ideal choice for farmers, foresters, builders and numerous other professionals. Thanks to its versatility, it makes your work more efficient, easier and more productive.

MULTIFORST is being showcased for the first time at the AGRITECHNICA trade show! Don't miss the opportunity to be among the first to discover this revolutionary mulcher.

Visit us in Hall 26, Booth G54!

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