Forestry Mulchers and their use in Forests

For PTO tractors, excavators, skid steers or hydraulic tractors!

It was 1980 when SEPPI M. developed the first forestry rotor, representing a revolutionary innovation in the forestry industry. Today, forestry is SEPPI M.’s core business, and SEPPI forestry machines are used in numerous applications:

Small and medium-sized forestry mulchers for 30-240 HP tractors are ideal for undergrowth maintenance, thinning, clearing debris after cutting, removing branches and bushes and cleaning paths. Specifically, the models are MICROFORST pto, MINIFORST, MIDIFORST, MIDIFORST dt which are fitted with fixed tools. These carbide-tipped tools rapidly mulch wood up to 30 cm in diameter, with minimal wear. An additional centrifugal clutch allows soft rotor start and stop, thus protecting the mulcher and tractor drives. Options such as the guard frame, “ADAM” alignment system, or rakes on the guard frame can be individually selected depending on the model and work conditions.

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One of the most important challenges in recent years has been the bark beetle. It should be noted that mulchers neither combat nor eliminate bark beetles, but rather prevent or reduce their presence. The aim of a mulcher is to clean the area, make it accessible for additional work and possible mechanization, and to prepare the area for new seed. Mulchers enter the remains of felled and dried wood to finely mulch them, clear the land and prepare it for new plantations. Mulching helps the soil acquire more humus and acidity, thus preserving its moisture: All of this has a positive effect on forest crops and speeds up replanting.

Since bark beetles spread very rapidly, even mulching becomes a genuine battle over time. Residual wood should be cleared as soon as possible. That’s why these days, large and powerful forestry mulchers are used. These ensure the highest efficiency and performance in a short period of time to eliminate most of the wood in one pass.

Medium-power mulchers, but also high-performance forestry mulchers such as STARFORST and MAXIFORST, are also used for other activities such as felling trees, mulching stumps, removing rotten and fallen timber, as well as storm- and fire-damaged timber up to 60 cm in diameter. This equipment is also suitable for improving forests with paths and vegetation-free firebreaks. With MAXIFORST, the drive system can be equipped with additional protection: M-TURBO hydrodynamic turbo couplings. These couplings protect the drive components of both the mulcher and the tractor in case of sudden rotor stops, and also allow for a soft start.

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It is now possible to select a new rotor featuring tools with an aggressive carbide tip - the MONO TIP V-LOCK system. This rotor is even more effective on large stumps and thick trunks. The advantages of the new MONO TIP V-LOCK ROTOR are less wear, better balance, simpler tool changeover and an optimized tool-support connection (hammer holder).

Alternatively, the exclusive CUT CONTROL option provides a limitation of the cutting depth and is our latest generation of rotors with MINI BLADE or MINI DUO hammers. As with a chainsaw, this ensures the rotor never stops and makes for much smoother mulching.

In addition to the new design and ADAM alignment system, these forestry mulchers are now even better equipped against wear. Inside their housing, they are equipped with wear-resistant steel plates that can be replaced. We are already familiar with this feature since it is used in SEPPI’s stone crushers and forestry tillers. The V-belt housing with material deflector and sliding guides in low-wear, hardened steel also protect the machine against wear.

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SEPPI M. has a solution for all tractors, regardless of their power. The forestry machines range from 30 to 500 HP. Most forestry mulchers are also available in a hydraulic version for connection to excavators, skid loaders or larger hydraulic tractors.

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