L7 flex - offsetting mulcher

SEPPI’s range of forestry mulchers for tractors and PTO tractors has been expanded to include a new forestry mulcher. SEPPI M mulchers already cover the maximum power for tractors in the highest power class. This time, the focus is on compact tractors with the aim of offering an efficient maintenance tool for the most complex greenspaces.

The MICROFORST pto with mechanical power take-off is the perfect addition to the range of accessories for 30 to 60 HP tractors. Thanks to its lightweight, this forestry mulcher is ideal for two-axle mowers such as AEBI TT or similar.

The MICROFORST pto mulches brush and woody plants up to 13 cm in diameter.

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This mulcher is designed for PTO tractors that need a reliable mulcher for intense forestry works. The MICROFORST pto is designed for small tractors or public works vehicles up to 60 HP, and being a lightweight machine, also offers stability when working on slopes. The maximum recommended weight of the tractor is 2 tons.

The technical characteristics of the MICROFORST pto are similar to those of larger forestry mulchers, but the mulcher weighs less than 600 kg. Thanks to its AR400 steel build, its resistance to wear and long service life are guaranteed despite its low weight.

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The standard CUT CONTROL rotor with MINI DUO hammers with 2 tungsten carbide inserts combines high performance with a long service life and guarantees minimal and simple maintenance. The same type of hammers are used on all SEPPI forestry mulchers, even in the highest performance class. The CUT CONTROL rotors are latest generation, with SEPPI MINI DUO tools and a new-concept depth limiter. Similar to a depth gauge on a chainsaw, the limiter controls the cutting depth and helps prevent the rotor from “choking”, thus guaranteeing an easy and quality milling process.

A rotor with MINI BLADE tools can be selected as an option. This makes the MICROFORST pto mulcher particularly efficient on trees that have not yet been felled, ensuring a quick and clean cut of the wood thanks to the particularly sharp MINI BLADE tools.

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This dynamic forestry mulcher is used by gardeners and landscapers for seasonal cleaning, in public and urban areas to clear bushes, and by farmers for land clearing.

Thanks to the partly integrated technology normally found in forestry mulchers up to 500 HP, this mulcher, despite its compact size, is ready to do great things and get professional jobs done. 

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