SEPPI M. offers you the tools to get very fine mulching result.

CUT CONTROL rotors are the latest generation of rotors with Seppi M. MINI BLADE cutting tools and the newly designed cutting depth limiter. Much like the raker on a chainsaw, the limiter controls depth of cut and helps to prevent rotor stall and ensures easy, high-quality mulching operation.

Foto corpo LP Minisoil cl 960x256 2

The advantages of SEPPI M. CUT CONTROL system:

• Fine mulch
• Fast cutting of vegetation of 10 cm [4“] and more
• Our newly designed cutting depth limiter Rotor reduces rotor stall
• Less weight on rotor, means faster rotor recovery
• Space between holders improves material flow. More material is processed through the chamber, allowing also bigger pieces to be lifted from ground when «back dragging»

Foto corpo LP Minisoil cl 960x256 2

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