The uniqueness of SEPPI multi-purpose mulchers for tractors with mechanical PTO has been known for more than a decade. A single machine that is able to chop wood and crush stones by working in depth. This is thanks to the optimisation of the rotor speed and the use of high-strength materials.
But it is not only tractors with mechanical PTO that need universal equipment.


The demand for equipment for compact loaders, tracked of the skid steer type, and for hydraulic tractors is increasing. The first multi-purpose mulcher for high-horsepower hydraulic tractors was the STARSOIL hyd, which has already been on the market for several years. Today, the new MINISOIL cl, built for all skid steer type tractors (SAE Standard) meets the compact loader category with reduced dimensions and weights. The weight of the MINISOIL cl is 1,160 kg for a working width of 150 cm. The required oil flow rate can vary between 105 to 250 l/min and the pressure can vary between 150 – 380 bar. This is thanks to the dual drive with two M-BOOST type axial piston hydraulic engines with automatically variable displacement. These engines are used on most SEPPI hydraulic mulchers with many advantages:
- the torque varies automatically according to the load
- up to 40% more torque
- automatic displacement change
- the mulcher rotor gains speed much faster
- reduced work times

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The dual drives ensures high torque and very efficient work. The CARBONCHAIN toothed belts are strong and easy to replace. The automatic adaptability of the engines is important for work in different conditions. The high pressure and low rotor speed allow for work at a depth of about 10 cm and allow for stones with a diameter of up to 15 cm to be crushed. Lighter material, such as wood, can be chopped up quickly, cutting logs and bushes with a diameter of up to 20 cm. All of this is possible thanks to the patented rotor with fixed tools protected by tungsten carbide reinforcements on the parts most exposed to wear. The machine is made using high-strength materials with interchangeable wear-resistant steel plates. Moreover, the mulching quality increases thanks to 3 rows of very strong crushing bars and 1 adjustable anvil bar. Therefore, stones or wood are chopped 3 times inside the frame before leaving the machine.

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Another important advantage of MINISOIL cl is its low profile, which optimises the operator's field of vision. The front, with a fixed hood, protects the rotor from the stones coming out and is clearly visible from the operator's position. The ground to be mulched can therefore be observed safely, working at the maximum speed and efficiency.

The official presentation to be public will be at the BAUMA trade fair in Munich.
Come and see us in the Outdoor Area, stand FN.926/1.

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