M-BOOST motors - guaranteed power on all mulchers for excavators from 5 to 30 tonnes!

Guaranteed power on all mulchers for excavators from 5 to 30 tonnes!

A mulcher for excavators... is actually a perfectly normal mulcher, but... The variety of excavator types by various manufacturers, and their range of models, powers, different weights and hydraulic systems, often makes it difficult to find the right mulcher to use. SEPPI M. has found the perfect solution to all these problems: M-BOOST motors!


The M-BOOST motor with self-regulating displacement, available for forestry mulchers BMS-F, BMS, and, more recently, also for the smaller forestry mulcher for excavators, MINI BMS, makes things a whole lot simpler. All these mulcher models need only one type of motor: M-BOOST with displacement from 60 to 80 m3.


This piston motor with self-regulating displacement boasts numerous advantages:
- the torque is continuously and automatically varied depending on the load
- up to 40% more torque
- automatic displacement change
- The mulcher rotor gains speed much faster
- reduced work times


The result is even more efficient work, regardless of whether the vehicle is big or small. The M-BOOST motor practically always suits!
If an M-BOOST motor is installed, this quality characteristic is indicated on the mulcher by a special adhesive with M-BOOST logo.

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