SEPPI mulchers & ISOBUS

SEPPI mulchers and stone crushers are designed for ever higher performance and durability. Grinding wood, large tree stumps up to 60cm in diameter and crushing stones up to 50cm in diameter, working up to 40cm deep into the ground. This variety is typical for SEPPI forestry tillers.

The goal is to increase work efficiency and minimize downtime. This requires a simple and better control of the machine.

This inspired SEPPI engineers to use the latest technologies. SEPPI now applies an ISOBUS control system as standard on many of these machines! On ISOBUS-compatible tractors, the ISOBUS socket of the mulcher is connected to the tractor and some functions are controlled or monitored directly on the on-board computer in the tractor or excavator cab.

Which functions can be controlled via the ISOBUS terminal?

  • Gearboxes temperature
  • Rotor rotation speed (connected to the 2SPEED gear of the 2-speed forestry tiller), so that the speed can be changed directly via the terminal in the tractor
  • Checking the cooling system
  • PTO speed visualization
  • Work hours
  • Alarm in case of malfunction
  • Adjustment of default function parameters
  • Opening and closing the hood (on some models)

LP2 ISOBUS 960x256

All data is shown on a single display. This exchange of data and information between tractors and tools is becoming increasingly popular. A continuous and precise control of the machine makes handling easier, avoids breakdowns, lowers fuel consumption, and increases working speed.

In SEPPI M. this system is already in use on many forestry tillers (STARSOIL, MAXISOIL), but ISOBUS is also part of the standard version of the SBM boom mounted mulcher.

Is your tractor not equipped with an ISOBUS control unit? No problem, SEPPI M. offers an ISOBUS-retrofit mounting kit even for older tractors. If you are currently configuring your new tractor, select the ISOBUS cable set and simply control your accessories via the on-board computer. SEPPI mulchers are ready!

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