New feature logos

New feature logos


With the new excavator mulcher designs (see Newsletter 2020) are also being introduced with new logos with the aim of better explaining the product to those who see it. In this edition we would like to explain their meaning better.

Machine frame:


AR 400


This logo characterizes all machines that are built in part or in full with hardened steels of the AR400  (Abrasion Resistant) type. This material is not only very hard but also has  high tensile strength and thus helps to reduce the overall weight of the machine, which is desired in many applications.




Vario Flow

This logo describes variable displacement hydraulic motors. Thanks to Vario Flow technology, the motor displacement can always be adapted to the hydraulic flow available from the excavator. The preformance of the machine is efficient and you keep the flexibility to be able to attach it to other operating machines as well.


Piston motor

This logo indicates Seppi M. products that usa a high pressure piston hydraulic motors. The tools bearing this logo are ready to work at high performance in the most demanding situations.



This logo indicates machines equipped with a hydraulic piston motors with automatic displacement of the motor. The M-BOOST technology  from Seppi M.has all the qualities of piston motors and in addition has the advantage of being able to automatically adjust the torque delivered according to the power required in the specific use. Thus the motor always works in the optimal mode regardless of the size of the operating machine that drives it. M-BOOST mtors are always the best choice for high production!





This logo indicates that the machine is equipped with a V-LOCK tool system. Maximum  durability thanks to the use of tungsten carbide and easy toolchanges are just two of the extraordinary qualities of this system. Find out more in one of these two video links: V-LOCK e ULTRA-V-LOCK



The CARBIDE logo indicates that the machine uses tools with inserts of a precious hard metal, Tungsten Carbide. With this material the tool life can exceed 5 times that of a conventional hardened tool. All V-LOCK tools from Seppi M.are also made with this material.



CUT CONTROL rotors are the latest generation of rotors with Seppi M. MINI BLADE cutting tools and the newly designed cutting depth limiter. Much like the raker on a chainsaw, the limiter controls depth of cut and helps too prevent rotor stall and ensures easy, high-quality mulching operation.

Special features:




The DUAL logo describes the uniqueness of the BMS-L model to have two adjustable hoods being constructed in a simetric way. The customer can adapt the hood doors at any time to his needs.


LOW profile

The LOW profile logo refers to the very low frame design of the Seppi M machines. For example, on the BMS-F and MINI BMS models you can combine a mounting bracket and a tilting rotator (also called a wrist) and still maintain a reduced overall height.

In the design of Miniforst CL this feature allows you to have a good view of the work area around the machine.

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