L7 flex - the new offsetting mulcher for slopes

L7 flex - offsetting mulcher

SEPPI M. presents its new offsetting mulcher for the mulching of vegetation along watercourses and roadsides. In addition to the L9 flex type for 130-240 HP tractors, the lighter L7 flex version is now available, for 80-160 HP tractors, which replaces the original SAV model. The new L7 flex model is based on the technology and concept of the L9 flex model; however, due to its low weight, it is also suitable for smaller tractors. The L7 flex model is available in the work widths 150/175/200/225.

The new L7 flex was developed to respond to changing market conditions. Thanks to the new design, it is now possible to shred large slopes quickly and efficiently, with an even greater reach and with greater safety for operators and the machine.


The L7 flex model is a reliable and powerful machine for the lateral mulching of large areas for tractors with a minimum weight of 2.5 tons.

The L7 flex has a stable attachment and replaceable wear parts in the frame to ensure a long service life. The SPACE-LINK suspension follows the contour of the ground. The SPACE-LINK system allows the machine to steer vertically in the event of obstacles. But that’s not all: The SPACE-LINK double joint allows for a fully upright position during transport and extreme downward rotation (up to nearly 70°) when extreme lateral movement is required.
The FLEX-SAFE anti-collision safety device alerts the driver, providing valuable time to avoid possible damage from collision.

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This offsetting mulcher operates with a considerable side shift up to 96 cm to the right of the tractor's roadway, therefore being able to work safely even away from the edge of the slope. The mulcher can be tilted hydraulically during operation and can be raised up to 90° and lowered up to 65°. A product feature that allows the mulcher to adapt optimally to a given slope, thus making all slopes accessible.

The HELIX spiral rotor moves smoothly and evenly with minimal effort.
The hardened SEPPI flails and two rows of forged counterblades are capable of mulching grass and prunings up to 7 cm in diameter. In addition, a standard support wheel and large diameter roller is assembled under the base to support the mulcher, making it easier to steer over uneven ground. It is height adjustable and therefore allows changing of the cutting height according to the relevant requirements.

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Even in the tightest spaces, the machine is well suited to working in small hollows.

With the new SEPPI L7 flex offsetting mulcher, the mulching of tall grass and prunings or straw is guaranteed in any situation! With its wide reach, it is able to cover particularly large areas and thus offers high productivity.

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