New version of STARSOIL multi-purpose tiller with POWERSHIFT

Combined tillers have long been highly appreciated in the forestry sector. One of the more popular models in this field is the STARSOIL by Seppi M. Thanks to its special design, several different operations are possible using the one machine. Specifically, stone crushing, wood mulching and soil tilling up to a depth of 40 cm. This translates into a broad range of applications in many sectors of the forestry and agricultural industry, and also in the construction of dirt roads and forest trails.


The model was recently completely redesigned to better satisfy user needs. The entire transmission has been reinforced and is now designed for tractors up to 310 HP. At the same time, brand new technology – the first of its kind in the market – comes into play, the so-called 2SPEED-POWERSHIFT transmission. This “powershift” transmission allows the operator to easily switch from one rotor speed to another, from the tractor itself and with the machine running. Unlike the past, when it was necessary to stop the tractor and machine, shift a mechanical lever on the central box, and then restart. The advantages are clear: fast adaptation to the field conditions and the right operating mode for all work situations.


In slow gear, at about 500 rpm, the machine is suitable for all soil works and stone crushing.
In fast gear, at about 1500 rpm, it is suitable for surface mulching.
Switching occurs through the tractor ISOBUS terminal. This terminal can also be adapted to older tractors without ISOBUS. Even the temperatures are monitored by the control unit in order to promptly intervene in case of a malfunction in the cooling circuits. The counter, which keeps tabs on the hours and parts subject to wear, and which is now incorporated in the standard supply, is used to monitor the operating costs.
As for the rest, there have been few changes to the nature of the machine itself. The external dimensions are practically identical, that is, an external width of 2.8 m with a fantastic working width of 2.5 m. Of course a smaller version is also available with external width 2.55 m and working width 2.25 m, which is also approved for road use.
The hydraulically adjustable skids are a new feature, available on request, which have aroused no shortage of interest. Using these, the working depth can be adjusted directly from the driving position, thus proving to be a very practical system, especially for mulching works requiring minimal contact with the ground. Without these hydraulic guides, the working depth is adjusted using the traditional method, via the position of the support roller.


You can see many more details and characteristics of the new version in the new STARSOIL video.
The new version of STARSOIL will be available from Autumn 2021. To see the machine in action and for more information, contact your nearest Seppi dealer.
SEPPI M. di Caldare is a pioneer in the development of mulchers and stone crushers, and given its expertise in this niche sector, is able to offer a broad range of products for a wide variety of applications.

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