MINIFORST cl with revolutionary CUT CONTROL rotor


The MINIFORST cl with new CUT CONTROL rotor has been engineered to meet the demands of mulching contractors where a sharpenable blade is desired.
The goal was to manufacture a rotor using the existing MINI BLADE and proven tool holder but with the addition of a gauge to reduce the depth of cut
being made by the aggressive MINI BLADES. The result is a rotor that maintains SEPPI’s unprecedented recovery rate, improves effi ciency and allows the
operator to reach the ground if desired to mulch all material to ground level with ease. The MINIFORST cl is rated to mulch material up to 8”
in diameter on carriers with up to 63 GPM. With its exposed rotor and fi xed tools with Tungsten carbide inserts or MINI BLADES, the MINIFORST cl can mulch
everything from standing timber to brush and slash on the ground. An optional hydraulic hood is available on machines equipped with Tungsten carbide
inserts and allows the operator to control the direction of fl ying material, making this Miniforst CL one of the safest compact loader mulchers available.
The powerful and reliable SEPPI MINIFORST cl was engineered using wear-resistant, high tensile steel to be lighter and stronger. All units are standard with
multiple rows of counter cutters to provide a consistent, quality mulch. When paired with variable displacement motors with M-BOOST technology,
performance in compact loader mulchers is taken to a new level.

Ease of service is key! The SEPPI MINIFORST cl is designed so no tools are needed for daily service. All grease points are well protected and accessible
without needing to remove any panels. And with US sourced components, there is minimal downtime in the event of a ruptured hose or belt.
The SEPPI MINIFORST cl is the perfect combination of performance, durability and affordability.

SEPPI M. engineers and manufactures mulchers for standard fl ow skid steer loaders up to mulchers designed for dedicated carriers with 190 GPM or more.


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