Forestry mulcher/shredder STARFORST hyd for loaders 230-440 HP - hydraulic Drive | SEPPI M.


high performance forestry mulcher hydraulic drive 200-350 bar | 200-500 l/min [2900-5076 psi |52.8-132 gpm]

  • High performing tree shredder with universal attachment
  • Mulches wood up to 40 cm [16”] Ø
Fixed carbide tips hammer rotor
una trituradora forestal muy potente
Hautes performances à grande manoeuvrabilité!
Forstmulchgerät für hydraulische Trägerfahrzeuge
Trinciatrice idraulica ad alte prestazioni
Mulches wood up to 40 cm
Trincia legna fino a 40 cm Ø
Mulcht Gebüsch und Gehölz bis 40 cm Ø
измельчает деревья до 40 см
Altas prestaciones y gran maniobrabilidad!
Broyage de bois jusqu’à 40 cm

The new version of tree shredder STARFORST hyd comes with universal attachment interface. It is the right mulching equipment for medium sized prime movers. Fixed hammer rotor: tungsten carbide tip hammers are easily interchangeable (patented). Large exposure of the rotor to the trees promotes fast mulching. Different types of guard frames for felling operations and to protect the tractor available.

It performs greatly on any type of vegetation management:
right-of-way, land clearing, site prep, gas & pipeline maintenance, power transmission, road side and creation of fire break strips.

NEW: Overall width adapted to road traffic regulations - for an optimal use of the working width.

Available working width: 210, 235, 260 cm [83", 93", 102"].

  • Mulches wood up to 40 cm [16”] Ø
  • Standard rotor: fixed tungsten carbide tips hammers MINI DUO
  • Working speed 0 - 5 km/h
  • Bolt-on-rotor shaft
  • Universal attachment interface
  • Prepared for transmission with 2 hydraulic motors of choice
  • Oil flow: 200-500 l/min
  • 10 belts
  • Hydraulically operated hood
  • Components protected by guarding, easily removable for maintenance
  • Front and rear protection: chains
  • Skids, adjustable in height by 5 cm [2”]
  • Colour: yellow
  • Fixed carbide tips hammer rotor MONO TIP V-LOCK + EXTREME
  • Mechanical or hydraulic guard frame
  • Hydraulic guard frame with tools or rakes
  • Transmission with 2 hyd. motors, different types at choice
  • 2 automatic displacement motors M-BOOST
  • Attachment interface of choice for prime movers of different brands

And other options of choice.

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