Flail mulching mower S7 classic - Compact mulcher for professional use for PTO/tractors 50-120 HP | SEPPI M.

S7 classic

universal flail mulcher 50-120 HP

  • Mulches grass and prunings up to 7 cm [2.8”] Ø
  • Hydraulic parallel linkage side shift central/right 73 cm [28”]
  • EXTREME side shift up to 98 cm - OPT.
  • Rear attachment
The mulcher classic with wide side displacement
The mulcher classic with wide side displacement
The mulcher classic with wide side displacement
The mulcher classic with wide side displacement
The mulcher classic with wide side displacement
The mulcher classic with wide side displacement

The strength of these mulchers is particularly appreciated by agricultural and landscaping professionals. These flail mulchers are used not only in fruit and wine growing, but also for green space maintenance, and thanks to their sturdy structure in high-strength S420 steel, even in forestry.
The rotor comes standard with high-quality multipurpose flails. The helical layout of the flails (HELIX rotor) ensures even power distribution. Like its predecessor, the rotor bearing system is optimised for quiet, vibration-free operation even with large working widths. Thanks to the high rotor speed, results are optimal even at high travel speeds of up to 10 km/h.

The two rows of tempered counter-cutters are now interchangeable and can be easily replaced in case of wear. The standard chassis can be equipped with additional interchangeable wear plates for works in more difficult conditions, making it even more resistant. The protective chains are combined with the guards. As such, during travel, the guards tilt and move the chains, creating a barrier that prevents the material from getting jammed inside the chains, allowing it to pass through and be mulched by the rotor. Belt guard with deflector to reduce the risk of damage to plants and the machine itself.

The S7 classic model with P-SHIFT linkage can be equipped with “extreme” side-shift, with the possibility to shift the mulcher sideways by up to one metre. The safety of the linkage is guaranteed by the new trapezoidal arms. The 3-point linkage is less stressed thanks to the optimised distribution of the lifting forces.

Even the rear hood has been further developed. The chassis is slightly more closed and the hood is fitted with a new manual adjustment system allowing it to be opened directly on-site, without the need for any tools. The height of the sturdy support roller is now easier to adjust, and the 4D bearing guarantees smooth working even on rough terrain.

Applications: in agriculture for orchards or vineyards, meadows, pastures, right-of-way management, creation of fire breaks, vegetation management, landscape maintenance, a.s.o.

Available working width: 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 cm [49", 59", 69", 79", 89", 98"].

  • Mulches grass and prunings up to 7 cm [2.8“] Ø
  • Helical rotor with flails ≤ 200: SMO · ≥ 225: SMW
  • Working speed 3–10 km/h
  • Chassis made of high tensile steel S420
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage ≤ 225: cat. 1 & 2 · ≥ 250: cat. 2
  • Hydraulic parallel linkage side shift P-SHIFT central/right
  • Gearbox with freewheel and through shaft ≤ 200: 540 rpm · ≥ 225: 1000 rpm
  • Input shaft 1 3/8” Z=6
  • Belt transmission
  • Support roller, adjustable in height, reinforced bearings and roller 4D-Roller
  • Rubber rear protection
  • Front protection: metal flaps & chains
  • 2 rows of replaceable tempered COUNTER CUTTERS
  • Left and right protection for plants
  • Colors: red RAL3020 & charcoal RAL7021
  • PTO drive shaft
  • Rotor with Y-knives without shackles
  • EXTREME side shift
  • Adjustable rear hood M-FLAP to set the degree of mulching
  • Gearbox 540 rpm or 1000 rpm
Under canopy equipment:
  • X-FAST single - coupling system for under-canopy equipment
  • XTI - tiny flail mulcher with option XPN - weed comb
  • XSC - rotary mower - outrigger 
  • XSA - cultivator 
  • XSP - shoot remover 
  • XAN - sweeper
  • XID - herbicide spraying system 


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